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Released September 2016. Identified by Model No. SM-G610

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My head phone port is not working properly? some noise in mic

When im plugging in my head phone ear buds are working perfectly but when i talk via mic.. there is some noise and it is not clear.. this happens with all the head phones i checked with

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Although I don’t have your model phone, I have had some experience dealing with audio jacks, connections etc, and can give you at least one thing to try.

The audio jacks that plug into our modern devices are usually 1/8" diameter and have at least 2 metal sections separated by at least 1 non-conductive separator. The different sections complete different circuits relating to different functions, and although the above configuration is a minimum, normally they have at least 3 sections or 4 sections.

In a 3 section jack, the sections are identified in order from the end inwards as Tip, Ring and Sleeve. The T and R would provide left and right channels of audio output, while the S provides electric ground, and amongst other things is useful for the device to "know" when a jack is in or out, and say automatically stop the music playback etc accordingly. So that would be a TRS cord/jack.

For devices supporting a microphone input as well as left and right output, there is an extra section and I can't quite think of the full word for the extra R, but regardless this is called TRRS, so 4 sections with 3 separators. The first two are still the left and right output and the sleeve is still ground, but the extra R is the microphone input.

I have had situations with my iPhone that supports a TRRS jack including mic input, where one of the sections has connectivity issues while the others are fine. It's easy to diagnose this as a fault with the device especially after trying with multiple cords/headphones. But it can also mean that there is foreign material inside the jack specifically blocking or partially blocking that one section. I even thought it was stupid design on the part of Apple (let's not go there) because I could see that the male jack wouldn't the female jack, even without the phone case on.  But then I was advised to see if any grit or fluff had built up inside, and I swear it was like one of those clown cars where more and more clowns keep on getting out... I could have just about made a pillow out of the fluff inside the jack!! I used a wooden toothpick to begin with, but anything non-metal should be safe enough to not damage the internals when you're scraping away. I ended up using one of those dental pikstick things with a bendy end with a miniature brush attached, and that was great to gather the smaller bits of dust etc that don't come out with the larger bits. I fully recommend you try that. At the end, if you have a mini handheld vacuum thing I’d give it a careful go against the freshly cleaned out jack, and then give your headphones and mic another go. Let us know the result.

cheers, Ian

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