Samsung Galaxy note 3 neo is not displaying anything

So I ultimately broke my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Duos out of a fit of anger after owning it for 3 years. As regretful as I am, I would like to get it it patched up. However, I would like some verification on its malfunctions and guidance on how I should get my phone fixed.

So first off, the screen is cracked all the over the place. All you can see on the physical screen are white lines of glass across the phone. So definitely a screen replacement is required, however the digital display is completely blank. Nothing can be seen when it is switched on except for the back button and the menu button next to the home button on the bottom of the phone. During the first few minutes after it broke, some parts of the screen were visible however the majority of the screen was dead, so i think an LCD replacement is needed?

I’m not sure about the touch screen now but in the first few minutes of testing it after I broke it I couldn’t make out if the screen was responding to any of my actions because I could barely see a single thing from the screen. It was definitely turning on but also very difficult to see what was going on because a very large portion of the screen was blacked out and the other part was heavily darkened.

The phone is currently in a bag so to prevent any injuries caused by the glass of the fractured screen.

Cameras look fine and the back compartment of the phone looks untouched.

Please if someone could help me that would be much appreciated thanks.

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