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Budget 15" laptop series released by HP.

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Why does my display not come on

I have aHp 15 core i5, when I turn it on, it doesn't display anything, at first I thought the lcd was bad, but when we tried on a good lcd it still didn't show up. But he same lcd works on another hp 15…

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As I type this I haven't connected it to an external monitor, the model number ares is scratched so I can't read everything written but I see something like T5-r250…


Thanks for your comment so far, i really do appreciate… i think it's

ASO56 LA-B972P i have tried using the HDMI port but it doesn't show up on my monitor too


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Hi @kennethgbo ,

When you say that "when we tried on a good lcd it still didn't show up" do you mean that you connected an external monitor to the laptop as well as leaving the laptop screen connected to the motherboard?

If there is no image on the external monitor then you either have a GPU problem (if separate from the CPU- what is the full model number of the laptop?) or a motherboard problem.

If there is an image on the external monitor but not on the laptop screen, try shining a torch at an angle close to the laptop’s LCD screen and see if you can detect an image at all. It will be very faint so try it in a darkened room.

If you can detect an image then you have a backlight problem.

This could either be a faulty backlight power supply on the motherboard, a faulty backlight power cable (or video cable if no separate backlight power cable from the motherboard to the LCD screen) or perhaps a faulty lid switch (a magnetically operated switch that turns off the backlight power when the lid is closed. Usually it is a magnet in the lid and the switch is in the lower case mounted between the top of the keyboard and the back of the laptop and the magnet is in the lid below the screen.

If you cannot detect an image then you either have a faulty video cable or a faulty motherboard

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Hi @kennethgbo ,

As there are a lot of HP 15 variants, hopefully you can make out the model number as this will make it easier to get the correct service manual which allows you work on the laptop and get the correct replacement parts if necessary.

Here are just 2 examples of some of the service manuals for "HP 15" laptops 9 scroll down to p.1 to see the product description showing the model numbers supported by this manual, also these models have a separate GPU - this manual just shows the models that only have a cpu available i.e. integrated graphics in the cpu not a separate gpu


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