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Repair and disassembly guides for Sony DVD players.

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My dvd player says "line in"

My dvd player says “line in” on the screen and doesn’t seem to want to play a dvd. I can’t get it to change modes either. I tried using the remote and pushing the buttons just below the screen on the player. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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this is a portable dvd player DVP-FX810 Thanks


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Bob follow the instructions in your manual. If you do not have one, you can download it at places like this

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waris awe is absolutely correct.

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LINE IN would mean that the DVP-FX810 is expecting an audio/video signal to come from an outside source rather than from its own player in your case such as an AUX cable and external video source like AV cables, like most potable bluetooth speaker and home sound system with difference media playback modes

I would advice you to check/set the side switch LINE SELECT IN OUT to OUT (towards the DC power jack).

might be labeled external source ‘n internal source


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Thank you, that was the problem, it belongs to my daughter and I had never messed with it before. I thought I broke something, this was the problem.


no worries

happy to help

have a nice day


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