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Computers die over het algemeen geen geïntegreerd scherm hebben, en die bedoeld zijn om te blijven staan.

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SOLVED I’m planning to build a desktop gaming pc but ...

Hi everyone ,

I want to build a gaming desktop , this is my first build.

There is something I don’t understand completely;

how ı plug my Phanteks rgb leds on my MSİ Intel 1151 Socket Z370 Chipset Gaming Pro Carbon AC D4 ?

And second question is my NZXT kranken x62 liquid cooling fans blowes out the case or blows in case?

And where ı plug my cooler cable(not fans).

Thank you ,

Best ragards.

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@benjamen50 ,

Thank you so much for kind and very helpful answer .

As ı said ı never build pc so ı horor for do wrong thing, and this is my biggest question , well you answered ;) .

I download these two ımages you gave me and you can be sure ı wıll make it as you said.

Thank you again ,

Best Regards.


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The Watercooler AIO pump cable should be a 4-pin plug that plugs into the CPU fan header on your motherboard usually right above the ram slots (top right of CPU / motherboard).

Refer to page 41 on how to use the RGB headers of the motherboard manual which is a booklet that comes with the motherboard in the box.

Here is an image of that page:

Depending on where your radiator for your pump is mounted either top of the case or front.

For the front the optimal configuration is to have the fans blowing into the case.

For the top the optimal configuration is to have the fans blowing out of the case.

Here is a high-resolution image of your motherboard in case you need to refer to any connectors on the board:

Block Image

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