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The next-generation 2007 Santa Fe debuted at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

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2008 Santa Fe died putting car into drive. All power now lost.

The car has been making a grinding noise on start and while running in park. I put a new starter in (but the noise continued). I investigated online and found it was probably the ignition switch. Before I could install the new switch, the car died after starting, backing up and then (attempted to) put it in drive. The car has lost all power and is stuck in neutral. The windows will not roll up or down and the engine will not turn over when I try to start. I put a new ignition switch in but that did not help the car start. However, I now get the “dinging” noise when the key is in the ignition. Still no power to windows or radio and the car is dead. The windows are still stuck down and the car remains in neutral. I can’t put it in park. I can put it in drive (with the key turned to the “on” position) … but that doesn’t do anything to help the car start or to get the shifter back to park. When I put my foot on the brake, the dinging stops. The dinging also stops when the key is removed (which is difficult to remove). Also, I’m getting dash lights showing the driver door is open (when the door is actually open) … but that’s all. I’m going to install a neutral safety switch (ie., “range sensor”) tomorrow. I rechecked the starter and it’s good. I have no idea what’s going on. Once the car starts again … I still need to know what’s causing the weird grinding/whining noise. All belts are good. Alternator is good. Battery is new. Right now … I just need it to start and run …. then I can figure out what the noise is (gringing/whining).

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Maybe there some wire cut or short circuit. Anyway if you could not solve this problem by yourself, find a specialist who could do computer diagnostics of your car. Before that check your VIN code (example: for additional information. This could probably help.

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Not going to pretend like I’m an expert on cars, but, a grinding noise when you are in park and the car shuts off when put in gear sounds like a transmission problem. Also, check if the steering wheel is hard to turn. If it is, then the hydraulics have something wrong too.

Pretty sure it’s not solely an ignition problem, since you had that grinding issue however there probably is something wrong with it if your key won’t turn easily.

Find yourself a pro my friend

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