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Acer's 15.6 inch E5-571 series laptop manufactured in 2014.

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Can my computer hinges become worse?

I have an acer laptop. Whenever I try to close it , the laptop lid doesn't completely shut. I'm guessing this has something to do with the hinges. I'm getting a new laptop but until then I need to use this one. Will continuing to open and close it regularly make it worse ? Or should I keep the laptop lid open at all times? I really need this to last for some months.

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Hi @jtucker525777

Well, there is a possibility, would suggest you to take more pictures, it could be due to ageing plastic which is not holding well / crack.

If you do not need to move around, of course it would be great not to close the lid often, as it might further stress the internal hinge or plastic holding the hinge screws.

Would be great if you can provide more pictures for us to see.

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I provided some pictures to help. Thanks so much! And by the way I believe it's my fault the laptop is like this , it didn't do this until I pushed my laptop screen back a little too far. But regardless I really would like for the laptop to not worsen and stay good until I get a new one.


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