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Dropped iPod in water, all is fine, but backlight isn't working?

Hi guys, I've been a bit of a prat and dropped my iPod in the sink. It was turned on at the time, although I wasn't using it. After dropping it the first thing I did was dried it externally then took a blow dryer to it (on cool setting) to try and dry it internally.

While I was doing that the touch screen wasn't working, but the bottons were, so sadly I couldn't turn it off. At this point the backlight did actually flash on a few times, but that was it.

Now, everything on the iPod is working, including wifi, the external speaker, headphones etc. except the backlight. Does anyone know a way of repairing this (it's well out of Apple warranty and they wouldn't touch it anyway due to the water). Is it going to be a new LCD?

Many thanks,


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Sure looks like it. The Backlight is part of the LCD whereas the inverter circuit is part of the logic board. So hope it is the LCD. Of course it is also possible that you have some corrosion on the connectors etc. So before you change it, disassemble your ipod by following the instructions from here and you can then follow this Hope it will make a difference. Good Luck

Coil 2 is the one that is the trouble maker the is more info on the gsm forum

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Thanks for the advice, I've ordered the tools to open it up so I'll get back to you once I've checked if it is the connectors :)


Scrap that, got the home button working again. My only problem now is despite a new LCD, the backlight still isn't working.. Am I going to have to completely take it to bits to clean it?


Sam Green, your backlight issue can originate from the logic board. Since you replaced the LCD the backlight should be working. It is the inverter circuit that is on the logic board that drives the backlight. Make sure your board is in perfect clean condition...take a look at every coil that is on there. Those are usually the ones that get damaged. On the iphone it is labeled as 6R8 but can not remember on the ipod touch see if you have any description on your coils just posted a pic on my original answer shows the two coils


Thanks for your help oldturkey03. I've completely disassembled the iPod, however, I can't find the 6r8 (GH) coil in question. Sadly I can't seem to find any pics that show it on an iPod either.. There certainly doesn't seem to be any obvious coils - perhaps I'm going blind!


Anything that looks like the image I attached. those are the coils...?


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