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Budget 15" laptop series released by HP.

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Why my headphonejack only work in certain position, w/ any headphone?

My headphone out in my hp notebook was working fine. But one day was fiddling with the plugged jack and suddenly the left earpiece stopped working, after that happened I doubt the headphone was bad and checked it on other device but no the port on laptop was the one that broke.

I have tried every headphones in my home and now the left side is all dead, no sound anymore.

How do I fix it.

-Tho I chose Dan's answer but I am willing to get more replies from you people, pls share your thoughts and views on my problem, it would be very helpful-

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Many laptops have the headphone jack directly soldered to the motherboard. In these cases, the stress on the jack from the plug and wire often causes this connection to break. This is usually a small crack in the solder which can be easily fixed. Unfortunately with laptops, this means a complete disassembly to get to the solder joints. While I can not guarantee that this is your problem, it is the most common failure point.


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Yeah I thought I have to disassemble it to look at it, but thought it would be better to ask before doing something wrong.

For Soldering should I just do it myself or should I get professional help?

What do u think, what is the actual problem for me?


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