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A gaming laptop computer manufactured in 2013 by ASUS.

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Battery Charge Flickering On And Off

When i am playing games my battery charge starts flickering what i mean is it charges then stops the charges again. When i shutdown my games the battery starts charging please help this is annoying. Thanks you so much

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I have gotten a new battery and charger. It is still going back and forth, charging, not charging and slowly going to total discgarge and dies. Then it fully charges over night.



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Check what power settings you have you laptop set to in Windows. Sometimes it can cause issues. Also check to make sure that your battery connections are not faulty and have a solid connection and likewise for the power cable and the power jack on the motherboard. If the jack is dodgy try to replace it.

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Hey thanks for the advice I have no problems with the port maybe it’s the battery or the charger. I think it’s the charger because it’s not the original, the original is 180w I have only 90w. It that the problem ? If it is were can I get the original charger


No problem, okay and yeah the charger would definitely be at fault. This is because you're using all your laptop's resources playing games so therefore it's draining the battery (understandably) and your charger isn't powerful enough to continually supply the battery with enough power whilst power is alsobeing drained out. Check this out


Ok ill buy i new charger with 180w if it work ill accept your answer thank you so much for your time.


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