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Kia introduced the second generation (JB) in the early 2005 model year in Europe and for model year 2006 in North America, based on a redesigned platform shared with the Hyundai Accent.

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How to check if my 2007 Kia Rio base model cooling fan works?

How do I check if my 2007 Kia Rio base model cooling fan works? We are replacing the radiator because of a "bug puncture", but the fan doesn't seem to be running either. Is it suppose to run all the time or just when the car heats up?

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Electric engine-cooling fan motors only run when the thermostat opens or coolant temperature reaches a set temperature.

So no, it doesn't run all the time.

edit: to check the operation of the cooling fan, with the radiator fixed, let the car run for 5-10 minutes, this should be sufficient for the engine to heat up and meet the criteria for the fan to start. Just keep an eye on the intrument-cluster for coolant temperature so that it doesn't overheat.

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