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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Check the black plastic ring under you 3DS analog controller

I'm trying to understand if the ring under my 3DS analog controller is broken or not. If I move sideway the controller, I can see a distinct line (like a cut), going from the center to the edge, on the black plastic ring hidden under the analog controller.

Can you please verify if your 3DS has this too and in case let me know? I have this impression my analog controller isn't working as intended...

Thanks in advance.

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Update: I discovered every 3DS has the "cut": further informations here:


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Yes, that slit is supposed to be there. The ring acts like a sort of washer for keeping the Circle Pad in place, and the slit is very important for removing/reinstalling that retaining ring when you want to replace the Circle Pad.

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as this is a new device I'd return it as it should still be covered by the warranty

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