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Backup my Postbox Emails

I want to save my emails in an offline format. Currently, I use Postbox as my mail client. Will Time Machine backup be sufficient for the same?

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Time Machine has served Mac users for years. However, there are complaints about TM during retrieval procedure. TM can backup the folders easily, but while retrieving either the emails aren’t found, or the restoration process is complicated.

As an alternative, you can export the mails to mbox format manually on a fixed interval (like two months or so). You can save this file at the desired location away from the system hard disk. You can import this file to your Postbox later, when in need.

The last option will be to get a paid backup tool that could back up and restore Postbox easily.

I use Mail Backup X for the same. It creates mail backup of my Apple Mail. Auto Archiving option along with incremental backup ensure that no manual intervention is needed in the process.

Take the free trial of the application before purchasing. Though it is easy to configure, if you still feel any issue while creating mail backup, you can contact the support team for free.

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For the time being, I am trying this tool. will let you know about the rest soon.


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