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TV continues to power on and off, no display.

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I have a 2010 Sanyo DP50749 with an IC5750 chassis. When I switch the device on the power stays on for around 20 seconds, then it shuts off for 3 seconds before automatically powering on again; the cycle keeps repeating until I manually turn the tv off. I'm new to TV repair and have no idea where to start. I'd like to save the TV instead of throwing it away. How do I test to see what's wrong and/or fix the problem?

Update: Disconnected the power going to the right and left screen power controls. TV power cycle interval was shortened to around 5 seconds. Tested all (ceramic) fuses on the main power board and all came up zero with a diode test. I'm thinking there's a problem with the power board.

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somguy7  sounds like a bad power IC on either the power board or the main board. Post some pictures of your boards so we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. Try this first.

Unplug LVDS Cable (40 pin connector) from Main to Digital "D" Bd. (D5 connector) behind Main:

This will eliminate the Main Bd., and see if the SMPS will power ON automatically, and remain ON.

Plug the AC Cord to power (do not push the Pwr Key on the TV) and see if the SMPS will power ON.

If the SMPS powers ON and remains ON, then the Main Bd. should be tried.

To check the power supply (SMPS) it can be checked, but all cables & flat ribbons from the SMPS & Digital Processor PCB must be unplugged. The only exception is the cable from D25 (D Bd.) to P25 (SMPS) must be connected. With everything disconnected except this one cable, and when power is applied to the SMPS, the SMPS should turn ON.

You do need a simple multimeter to check things out once you get to the boards if further troubleshooting should be necessarry.

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