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MOD repairing Vape Forward

MOD repairing

I have got one MOD that is Vape Forward Vapor Flask. Its showing now a days that "no atomizer".

How to repair this?

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2 Antwoorden

If you put a new coil in, and still get this message, then u probably have a broken or shorted out wire under your 510 connection. (Where your tank screws to the mod) i do not know how your mod works, or if it even has a 510 connection, but after trying a new coil, and you still get this message, make sure your not still under manufacturer warranty before taking the mod apart. Disassembling these things can be tricky sometimes.

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That sounds really weird, I have never faced, or even heard or seen this kind of issues. As the guys from above said, logically the only thing that could actually be wrong in this kind of cases, could be a certain wire under the 510 connection. However, this is only available in case you got a new coil and the atomizer works with the other mods. I guess you could also ask for the help of best vape shop uk as they are some great specialists, they might actually tell you what is wrong with it. Or they will just propose you a new mod, which would be even better. :DD

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