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Battery not charging on Apple MacBook emc#2200

I have a MacBook (A1181 EMC# 2200) someone gave me and the battery is not charging on it.

Is there a reset I can do or any program I can run before I purchase a new battery to make sure the battery is the issue?

I also want to upgrade the memory, currently has 1GB (2x512MB sticks). What is the highest I can upgrade the memory to and what kind of memory sticks do I need?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Here's the specs of the your system: MacBook 13" 2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo (Santa Rosa)


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Review the link about for the details of this system. Keep in mind this is an older system as such it will be limited on what software it will run and is limited to the older OS-X OS (10.7.5 Lion as the last possible OS this system supports) Apple no longer offers security updates so surfing online will be risky!

If you are using it for simple writing & home bill management it’s a great system!

The Max RAM this system will support is 6 GB using 1x2 GB & 1x4 GB memory module. If you have the newer firmware then you could use 2x4 GB modules but you won’t be able to access the last 1 GB as it will be disabled as other resources use these memory addresses (i.e. video). The system will report 8 GB though. You’ll need 667 MHz PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM modules.

As far as testing the battery, there is a tester button on the battery its self. Which only tells you the state of the batteries charge. You’ll need to connect the charger to your system and look at the MagSafe connector end for the charging LED which will be Amber (under charge) or Green (charged) If the MagSafe is not lit then you either have a dirty connection or the MagSafe charger is bad or the charging logic internally of the MacBook has issues. Do make sure you are using a real Apple charger as many fake ones will damage your system and battery. You’ll need a 60 Watt MagSafe charger. For the battery Apple no longer offers it for this system so you’ll need to look for a 3rd party battery. Also keep in mind these older batteries didn’t have a long life so its likely you need a new battery. For reference: Determine battery cycle count for Mac notebooks you’ll see this series had only 300 cycles whereas the current models have 1000 cycles. Here’s one for sale: MA561 Li-Ion Replacement Battery for A1181 MacBook

If you can get the system to run you can use an older version of CoconutBattery You’ll need click on the ‘Older Version’s’ listing to get the needed release. It will offer a good reference of your batteries health.

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