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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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No power after replacing battery

The battery on my early 2011 Mac Book Pro 15" started to swelled to the point the mouse pad stopped working on one side. Didn't notice it was the battery immediately but soon figured it out. powered down and unplugged it. Opened the case and confirmed the battery was blowing up. I left it alone at this point for a couple of months not really needing it at that time. Just recently I purchased a battery (non OEM) and replaced it. Now the Mac Book will not even come on. I thought it was a bad battery and sent it back. I took it to apple store. They will not work on early 2011 mac books any more and do not even sell the batteries for it. I then got on line to read everything I could but could not find this specific issue. The MagSafe has a steady green light when plugged in. It does not turn amber at any time and does not charge the battery. I get no lights at all when pressing the button on the front left side. I found article about SCM. I stilled had the newly bought battery so I tried this. I was actually able to get the computer to come on once. The fans ran at full speed and every time the bar reach about half way of booting the computer would shut back off and then re do the same thing. MagSafe is still steady green. I tired SCM again and now cant get it to turn back on. Still thinking it is the battery at this point I took it to Battery + Bulbs to have them install their battery. When they did not call me when they said they would I went back up and they told me that they installed the battery OK but can not get the computer to come on. They said they were still working on the issue. Its been a few hours and I still haven't heard anything so I am thinking it is not the batter.

That was a lot of info I know but I wanted you all to know what all has been tried. I am wondering if it is possible that the CMOS went dead from being without power for so long? Or maybe the computer lost some programing for the boot? I have not tried the PREM solution yet as I don't have the computer right now.

Looking for any good solutions. I am fairly handing with meters and diagnostics on PLCS and such


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Since your Macbook isn't with you there's nothing one could suggest to try to help you. Sounds just like a battery issue but if you chose a professional to take care of it I assume you thought they have the necessary knowledge to take care properly of your Mac.

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Sorry, I misrepresented that. I have it now. I just didn't at the time I was writing it. I'm going to attempt to do another SCM and PREM on it. PS, don't think its a battery issue as we have tried two different ones from two different manufactures.

Still looking for any suggestions


@jwippel Try with no battery connected at all. When you plug in the magsafe the Mac should start on its own since you seem to have a green light. If it does it's likely "just" a charging problem, if it doesn't you have a dead logic board. In either case, if you ruled out a bad battery, sounds like a hardware issue requiring a component level repair.


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