Big Blue Party Speaker won’t turn on.

Hi everyone,

Recently my Big Blue Party speaker just wouldn’t turn on. Since then, even with the power cord in the speaker, I can’t get the speaker to operate. I’ve read on this a bit, and was wondering if the battery could be the problem? Even though it’s plugged in, could the battery just not hold a charge anymore, or is my speaker busted?


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Hi Ian and all fixers,

This is my BBP condition:

-The charging red-LED doesn't turn on when it should: charger connected, battery not full.

-The ac adapter led is on, and there is output electricity (18V)

So i did:

-Opened the bottom cover, and unplugged the battery from charging PCB

-Connected the ac adapter and the speaker can turn on without battery!

Im not sure if a bad battery could interfere with ac adapter only mode, but definitely you can try with no battery. Trial and error until isolate the buggy part.



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