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{A1706 / EMC 3071}—Released in June 2017, this 13" Macbook Pro features Kaby Lake processors up to 3.5 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 4.0 GHz.

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Screen comes on when lid is opened but goes off at 90 degrees

The screen on my Mac Pro touch comes on when you open the lid, it then goes off when you open the lid fully to the normal 90 degree angle. The keyboard stays on, the touch bar stays on as well, only the screen goes off. I have to use the laptop at a 45 degree angle if I need to do work on it. Please help

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Time to visit the Apple Store!

Nothing fixable here as the issue is within the display ribbon cable harnesses. The display assembly needs to be replaced.

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This should be covered under warranty as it’s a design flaw.

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