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Lg life's good symbol stays on screen.

Life's good symbol on my lg 47inch 3d tv stays on screen, will not go away. I believe it's Mother board. Is it worth having it fixed since tv's r so cheap ? Paid many years ago $1600 now probably $600. Get it fixed or not ? Thx

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What's the model number of the TV?

Sometimes the firmware has become corrupted and the TV cannot boot up correctly.

Try re-installing the firmware. Mostly it involves just plugging in a USB flashdrive with the firmware on it into the TV and turning on the TV. It looks for the firmware file on the USB and installs it.

Usually with LG TVs you can find the firmware for it online by searching for LG (insert model number) firmware. The firmware download page has the installation details.

It’s worth a try at least.

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