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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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MacBook Pro 13" not charging or booting, what could be wrong?

Hey guys, I have an old 13" MBP that's currently completely dead. It wasn't charging (no light on the charger) and eventually died without me being able to figure out what was wrong. The battery indicator lights work, and show an empty battery. Not able to reset SMC as it's dead (I think, unless that happens by unplugging the battery for a while, in which case that also doesn't work).

It has a brand new battery (about 2 months old) and I just got a new charger to try, and that didn't work either.

Just now I tried to take it all apart and replace the logic board battery (lol) to realize it doesn't have one... I did order a new Magsafe port and hoping that will be the reason it's not working – how likely is that? Or am I stuck with a busted logic board?

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Try plugging in magsafe after disconnecting the battery to see if green light gets back. If it does it's likely just a bad battery issue. If it doesn't replacing magsafe board might be a good idea as a first step and relatively inexpensive troubleshooting. Older button like Pram batteries luckily have disappeared from later boards :)

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Thanks! I actually did that. No light then either, so I guess I should be happy it’s not the battery.


I'd prefer to deal with a faulty battery rather than with a faulty board.

Hope it's just the magsafe board..


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