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Water all over the floor about every 10th wash

My washing machine works great most of the time, but every few times it will leak water everywhere. I’ve removed the outside walls and watched it through several cycles and the problem never replicates while I’m watching. There are no visible hose leaks. I assume it is something like a pump or a valve that is going bad, but not completely out yet. I was hoping someone could direct me to the most likely cause before I randomly started replacing things.

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Do you change setting on it, like temperature or load size?


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if it is clear/clean water it could be coming from the inlet valves just running down the machine somewhere. If it is soapy/dirty washer it could be coming from the drain/hoses/tube itself. Let us know what exact model your washer is.

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It is not soapy like a cartoon. The clothes are always wet though. Usually we find it so long after the wash, like the next morning, that the suds could have subsided. It is a large amount of water. It is actually a GE brand. Model WBSR3140G5WW.


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