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My Freezer is not getting below 40 degrees.

The compressor is running, the condenser and evaporator fans are running. I cleaned the condenser cools and temperature in the freezer still won't get below 40 degrees.

There is a little bit of frost on evaporator coil, but it is not frozen over.

Any ideas what else I can look for?



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Hi @rstewart , ,

What is the make and model number of the refrigerator?

Is the compressor running continually?

Does the fridge have its' own temp display or are you using a thermometer to measure the temp?

If the fridge has its' own temp display, can you place a thermometer in the freezer and see what temp it displays?

The reason I ask is that frost does not occur at temps above 32 deg. F so I'm wondering if the temp reading is correct.

The evaporator unit may be below freezing and that is why there is frost on it but the rest of the cabinet is not getting down to that temp even with the evap fan running.

Check the door seals to make sure that they are sealing properly. (place a sheet of paper between the door and the frame and see how hard it is to pull out when the door is closed - there should be resistance to it being pulled out - do this in a lot of places around the door frame)

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Thanks for you quick response.

Make: Kitchen Aid

Model: KSRG25FKSS16

Compressor seems to be running continually.

There is no built in thermometer. I double checked the thermometer that I am using in another freezer and it showed near 0 degrees. So I am not sure if that is the exact temperature, but the other freezer is substantially colder.

I checked the seal like you mentioned and there is resistance pulling paper out.



Hi @rstewart ,

Test that the Bi-Metal defrost thermostat is OK.

The Q&A section at the bottom of the webpage describes how to test if it is OK or not. The video on the webpage shows how to access the thermostat.

>>>>>Be safety aware - unplug the fridge when you go to work on it.<<<<<



I took out the thermostat that was clipped to the evaporator coils and put it on my ohm meter and it is showing open out of the ice water and also open in the ice water. I had my freezer plugged in all night and there was only a little bit of frost on the first 16" or so on the coil. The freezer was cool, but not down below freezing temperatures. There was no ice on the part of the evaporator inside the fins where it loops back and forth.




Looking at the answer in the link provided, it seems as though the thermostat is faulty.

According to the parts supplier it should read 6.2K Ohms at 68 deg F (room temp?) and 16.3K Ohms at 32 deg F, definitely not open circuit (o/c)


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