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LG's flagship smartphone, with a unique slide-out battery and detachable I/O module supporting multiple hardware expansion options. Released in April 2016.

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Replacement camera causes camera app to crash every time attempts to o

Old main camera would not focus. Could hear a rattle in the camera mechanism. Replaced with new camera from this website. Now the phone won't even let me open the camera app. Gives me error message "Sorry camera has stopped" over and over. Put back in the old camera to make sure I didn't mess something up and everything works just no focus again. Tried clearing camera data and cache, rebooting of course, and even factory reset. Attempted replacement another time just to make sure it wasn't a bad connection. No luck. Put back in old camera, app opens but still no focus. Did i get a dud camera?

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It's either a faulty camera or compatibility issue with the the camera. Might want to search around on google to see if others have the same issue.

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