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Why isn't my TV loud

I have my TV volume on 80 and can barely hear it? How do I make it louder

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a lot of it depends on the media. i know if im reading a blueray, i need my tv set at 10-15, but if im reading a DVD, i need to crank it to 40-50. and some netflix videos, i need to crank it to 90, while others need to be set at 30.

However, if you have gotten the TV, and it was louder before, you need to run a diagnostic on it.

1) your settings could be bad: Run a settings reset on your TV.

2) your speaker could be worn: Replacing the system speaker will tell you if this fixes the issue.

3) You Mobo could be causing some problems. Installing a new logic board could fix this issue.

If it has been the same since you got the tv:

the brand or model could easily just be low sound quality, or you could have gotten a lemon.

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