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The Google Pixel is Google's first flagship phone, released on October 20, 2016. The 5-inch AMOLED display device comes with 32 and 128 GB storage options and is available in three colors; Very Silver, Quite Black, and Really Blue.

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Water damaged Pixel repair?

I dropped my Pixel in the sink a few days ago. I shut it off immediately after dropping it. I dried it off the best I could and let it sit out overnight with the Sim card tray taken out. I put it in a bag full of silica gel the next morning. It's been two days since I put it in. Is it safe to take it out and power it on? Is there anything I should do before turning it on?

I tried taking it apart but my hair dryer doesn't seem to get hot enough to loosen the adhesive. I tried using a pry tool but I ended up cracking the screen.


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Take it to a reputable phone repair shop that does liquid damage repairs for evaluation.

The phone needs to be disaasembled to remove liquid and clean corrosion on the logic board components and connectors.

Unfortunately on this model it requires removing the screen that has adhesive under it first.

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Thanks for your response. I ended up leaving it in the bag of silica gel and powered it on today. I've made sure everything's been backed up. I think I'm going to purchase a used Pixel as it'll be cheaper than taking it to be repaired. I'm going to purchase a phone opening tool kit and try to clean off all the corrosion tomorrow.


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