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A series of 40 inch LCD HDTVs by Sony.

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green light comes on with a click, but there is no sound

I have a Sony KDL-32S5100 that is also doing something similar. When you turn on the power, the green light comes on with a click, but there is no sound, no error red flashing error codes, and no backlight (tried the flashlight trick). I've tested the fuse on the power board and Tcon board and they seem OK. Could the issue still be the power board or tcon?

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These are the components


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that sounds like a bad main board. Just to clarify, you said that only the power LED comes on but no other LED. You do want to go ahead and try all inputs first. Use a source that you can plug into the TV. Composite, component with audio cables or composite even s-video with audio cables. That would of course mean that you have to try to set the source blindly. You’ll need the user manual for that so you know which button on the remote to push. You can download that from here. Make sure that none of them show anything and have no audio. If so, remove the back of your TV and post some good images of your boards. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

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