After replacing keyboard A1342 starts to boot and then just shut down


I replaced keyboard on my Macbook A1342. I replaced thermal paste as well and when I tried to turn computer on, started to boot and I saw apple sign but after 20-30 sec shuts down. Maybe I did not properly replace thermal paste I dont know.

Any help or tip what should I do ,what should I check ? I think that I've done evrything properly but I'm not 100% sure. Any help.?

Thank you in advance.

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Why did you replace the keyboard? If it was a spill. did you pull the logic board and clean and inspect both sides of it?


I bought used Macbook with not working keyboard,this guy didnt know whats the problem and I bought it really cheap but I found that keyboard cable was unpluged so I connect it to logicboard but power button actually whole keyboard didnt work so I replaced with one that friend of mine gave me,also used but fully working. I completely removed everything in order to change the keyboard but I didnt inspect logic board because it was working with external keyboard and with replaced one but after some time when Sierra update strted Mac shuts down and after that same thing over and over. With external keyboard it was working just fine. After I replaced keyboard problem started. Didnt had time yesterday to check all connectors and to check logic board but I will today. Thank you for your tip since I believe that the reason for not working keyboard was some liquid because I saw few spots like a coffe or something. I’ll let you know what I found and what I did and I will inspect both sides of logic board. Thanks again mate


I tried everything. Cleaned all connectors,both sides of a logic board. Start with apple sign and again after 10 sec shuts down. Probably whole logic board should be replaced I dont know. And it was'nt so dirty inside but I cleaned everything and no help. Thank you guys anyway. I'll let you know what I have done.

Best regards,

Dragan Dimitrijevic


Water damaged electronics if not taken care of properly will develop oxydes at a microscopic level that will eat up components and traces. Sometimes damage is even visible with bare eye but quite often one needs magnification to be able to see something. Fortunately logic boards for your model are available at very reasonable prices.


I tried to disconnected replaced keyboard and Mac starts normaly without shuting down. Now reinstalling OS since I format HDD trying to solve the problem. Finaly I find out that used keyboard that I recently replaced due to not working power button that that was the issue for shutting down my Mac after powering on. So guys thank you for all your advises and your good will to help me and you really did since I was following your tips in order to identify what was the issue for shutting down Mac after only 10-20 sec. Thank you one more time for your efforts.

P.S. I need to buy topcase with keyboard because used one that I have made me too much troubles but finaly its solved with your help.



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I wouldn't worry about the thermal paste, even if you didn't put any at all Mac wouldn't shut down so soon. Did you replace only the keyboard or the topcase ? I'd recommend trying to remove one by one all the connectors on the logic board to find out if it's some part gone bad during disassembly or reassembly. If that procedure doesn't give you any indication, it might have gone something bad on the board itself.

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I’ll try to check all connectors one by one. I replaced only the keyboard not the topcase and it was really hard but somehow I make it work. Actually Mac was working for some time first time I run it after keyboard replacement even start with Sierra OS update and during installation of Sierra Mac shuts down 1st time and after that every time when I press power on,starts to boot,apple sign,shut down. So I’ll try to check all connectors on motherboard to try to solve this issue. Thank you one more time, I really appretiate your assistance.


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