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Released November 4, 2017. Model A1865, A1901. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64 or 256 GB / Silver or Space Gray. (Pronounced the same as "iPhone 10.")

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possible water damage on my X

I used my phone during vacation trip and it came into contact with water several times, never more than 30 min never over the 3ft under. it work find and i let it dry until a day later when the screen would turn green then black. did this several times. i let it dry for the reminder of the week and when i tried to use it, only i get a black screen and only my alarms go off so im assuming it sort of works. i tried to check for water damage but with with glasses on and a flash light never saw a red line after 20 minutes of inspection. my questions is would it be worth to try apple for warranty ??

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The iPhone X seems to be less water resistant than the 6S/67...

You could always bring it to Apple but they will open it up and if they see the red LDI stickers or any visible signs of liquid, they will deny you warranty coverage.

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