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Location Of Temp Sensors?

Hello, can anybody tell me where the temp sensors are located on an iPod Touch 5?

My device is giving me an over temp warning every 16 seconds despite remaining cool?

The flash function is also greying out after the first alert?

Locations of the temp sensors would be useful as I can then track down the suspected faulty component on the logic board.

I can't seem to find a schematic for this devices logic board anywhere?

Cheers for any help :-)

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Unfortunately, there is no board view of the iPod Touch 5 but there is a schematic available on ZXW. There are four NTC Thermistors (10K Ohms) on the logic board. One is close to the battery connector, one in the "forehead" area, one near the CPU and one near the rear camera. They are small 0201 form factor and indistinguishable from resistors so they will be very difficult to find.

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Thanks. That's very helpful. Just to clarify...What area is the 'Forehead' area? Also , should I be looking for a burnt/ shorted component as an obvious indicator? Cheers.


The forehead is the upper front area of the screen (front camera & sensors). You probably wouldn't be able to differentiate a good from bad thermistor and the problem could be at the trace level or even with the PMIC (which receives the signal).


Thanks, will have a crack at finding the fault. Cheers for your help.


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