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Power Surge, compressor only runs after plugging in- help me diagnose

Have a GE side by side model GSL25JFTABS

Last night we had bad weather knocked out some of my electrical devices and my fridge. power surge most likely. Unplugged and plugged back in but the control panel would scroll 0's and not respond to any commands.

Took the fridge main control panel off and re-seated when I plugged back in the compressor came on and the panel now worked, but within a couple seconds the compressor turns off and the fan motor continues to run. The water will not dispense either so I'm wondering if something got blown that controls both the compressor and the water?

I was going to replace the main board but not sure that's the issue. Anyone have any ideas or had the same issue?

- when plugged in compressor runs but then stops within 10 seconds

- water will not dispense when the water lever is pressed

- all other controls on the control panel seems to be working

Thanks in advance

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In case anyone else runs in to this the fix was to replace with the a new control board. If it were only the compressor not running I would not have been sure but in this case took a chance on a control board since the water would also not dispense. After replacing runs fine now. Also if you hear a clicking after plugging it in that means the board is bad and should be replaced, no clicking on new board.

One other thing to try before hand is unplug it, plug it in, when the display flashes 0's across hold the warmer and colder buttons each side until a 0 0 displays without scrolling. You are not in programming mode, then set it to 1 and 5, after a few seconds it will turn itself on and reset. Did not work in my case but hope it helps someone.

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