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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Is my touch IC chips removed, cracked inside?

Hello, I'm one of the iPhone 6 plus users who experienced touch disease and I've done a lot of "quick remedies" to fix it without going to internals. I tried to unbend it and smashed it hard because I watched a video that claims "smashing your iPhone in the back where the logic board is placed will make your iPhone's touch work again". It works but I accidentally "bumped" it in my hand (like using your phone while walking then you accidentally bumped another person because you're distracted). Then the touch won't work again. I tried to reboot it also and it worked but for a short time only. I smashed it again and unbend it again using my tripod. I used my tripod as a C-clamp because I don't have one, it kinda works but a little sensitive touch will make it not responsive again, and ghost touch everywhere. Then I tried to shake my iPhone and I can hear a rock-like sound near the logic board, like maracas with only one little stone inside. The touch works but sometimes won't. Its still bent. And by the way, even though the touch won't work, I'm not experiencing white flickering bars on the top off the screen and I think its still belongs to touch disease. I apologize for being a irresponsible, ignorant iPhone user. Can you please tell me what is the possible parts that is maybe broken inside of my iPhone because I'm planning to buy tools to fix it. I know it's too late but I'm still hoping that can fix it.

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@joseli great explanation provided by the guru @refectio on here That is also the person that can help you fixing this other than “smashing it hard”

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