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Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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Overheat and fan does not stop for while and sometimes my laptop freez

I have an issue with my MacBook Pro, recently overheating and fan does not stop for while. I haven’t checked the battery since I bought on 2012.

Sometimes, overheat causes freeze

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Try replacing the thermal paste. Apple's thermal paste is not very good at effectively cooling their computers, even the newer models. I had a similar issue with my mid-2009 MacBook Pro, where just opening a website would shoot the temperature up to 180°! I replaced it with some thermal take thermal paste and the temperatures would max out at 140°. You could also try installing Macs Fan control which allows you to control when your fan will start to spin faster or just to spin fast all the time. I would recommend setting your custom setting to CPU proximity and the min to 100° and the max being 132°.

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Thanks dear Chris O for your answer,

May I know where and how to replace the thermal paste? what brand do you recommend?


In order to replace the thermal paste you will need to remove the heatsink. I would recommend the Thermaltake TG-7 as it is relatively inexpensive and has very good performance.

Thermal paste



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