The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Can someone please help me find out what’s wrong with my MacBook Air!

Randomly the other day I went to go plug in my charger & it wouldn’t charge.. it said it was charging but it didn’t have the green light & it was still on 4% after I had it on for an hour well after a day or two it died completely. When I put it on charge it still said it was charging but wasn’t, I couldn’t turn it on so I searched YouTube videos & some unplugged the battery source so I did that & plugged the charger to it.. my computer would turn on if I had the battery unplugged & the charger connected but when I plugged the battery back in it would cut off, so right now I’m trying to update it while the battery is unplugged & it’s on the charger but it’s a struggle because every 10 minutes it keeps cutting off & I have to unplug the charger, plug it back in, & cut it back on to finish the update.

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It's not normal in any circumstance that power would be missing every now and then, even with no battery, therefore you should be able to complete your whatever task without a problem. First thing to try is to borrow or buy a replacement charger, after checking your magsafe connector and plug are fine and there's no dirt. If this doesn't solve your problem issue might be more complex.

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I bought a replacement charger, neither one of them charge it.. it says it does but it’s not actually charging. Like I said I unplugged the battery source, connected the charger to see if I could get the light to work on the charger & my computer turns on but as soon as I plugged the battery source back in it cuts off. But even with the battery unplugged & the charger connected my computer only last 30 minutes.


If system crashes even with battery unplugged it's very likely we're facing a component issue here. Hard to tell exactly what might be the cause without testing the logic board. Any liquid spills in the past ? I'm afraid you'll need to have your Mac checked in a lab where they do component level repairs or get it to Apple where they'll probably suggest a logic board replacement.


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