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Toshiba Satellite C55-A5281 - 15.6" - Pentium 2020M - 6 GB RAM - 750 GB HDD - US

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White Power LED, no fans, screen, or other signs of life

Power LED only shows after pressing the power button with the battery in; not with the charger alone. No charge LED when plugged in. Have changed RAM and switched seats, unplugged and re-plugged all ports on the mobo. Any ideas? The laptop was received after someone attempted to replace the bad screen and it would not respond after. No signs of water damage.

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Try an External Monitor to check that at least the Laptop is POSTING. Try the VGA Port, if nothing shows up, try to switch the output to the external monitor using the keyboard key. Let’s just hope that the screen is dead no damage to the Internal Motherboard. :)

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