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MDR-ZX100 ZX Series stereo headphones made by Sony.

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wires are intact and look perfectly fine but I still have no sound

I'm having the same issue. My wires are intact and look perfectly fine but I still have no sound. I'm new to the blog. I came across the blog because I put my Sony speakers out and there was nothing really wrong with him it's just the right earpiece went out

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@watkinsm it is either the plug or the connection on the driver (speaker). To test it use a multimeter and place it on ohm reading. Touch the contact, either tip or ring, with one probe and the other probe on the driver. If you have continuity it is the driver if you do not, then it is the plug. Of course, check to make sure the wires are connected on your driver. Use this guide to get to the driver. Here is a guide that shows how to replace the plug. Different headphones, same principle. Hope this helps, good luck.

Skullcandy Lowrider Afbeelding


How to Replace the Audio Jack



30 minutes - 1 hour

Sony MDR-ZX100 Afbeelding


How to repair Sony MDR-ZX100



15 - 30 minutes

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