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The late 2005 Power Mac G5 was introduced in October, and discontinued in August the next year. There were three configuration options, one dual core processor at 2.0 GHz, one dual core at 2.3 GHz with model number A1177, and one dual core dual processor (quad core) at 2.5 GHz.

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Can't remove power supply, instructions for regular G5 don't work

I tried to follow the regular G5 and the repair guide says you just slip the power supply out after unscrewing it, but mine seems firmly fixed by something I can't see. Any guidance?

Update (06/09/2018)

Seems to me like this row of weird screws is holding the power supply in. I thought I had the right Torx screw for it but apparently not. Any ideas?

Block Image

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@sunsetblow Yes, you have to remove the power supply bus bar screws to free this up. According to the manual those are T-10 screws.

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Thanks, I heard elsewhere it was T8 and I tried that and it worked!


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