After SSD upgrade, can load files from itunes - but not able to play

I replaced the 30GB hard disk with 128GB flash card; and the front panel. Initially I had the Apple-Support message when I fired it up. I re-seated the cables, and this time, I got the message to connect to iTunes fo initialize the flash card.

I connected it to iTunes, restored it and loaded it with songs. After ejecting the iPod, I am not able to turn it back on and play songs.

I connected it back to computer - this time it could not see it. I disconnected it and ran the diagnostics - no errors were reported. It took 2-3 tries (of disconnecting / reconnecting) for the iTunes to recognize it.. I decided to re-restore it. After the restore was completed, it was not recognized it - I had to try several times to reconnect it. Now, I am loading the songs again - but have doubts that all this would have cleared the problem.

Help is greatly appreciated.

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Update: After ejecting the ipod shows check mark and continues to display "OK to disconnect" None of the buttons on the click wheel seem to wor - the hold switch is off.


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