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Released in August of 2012, the Nikon Coolpix S01 is a small, portable camera with large camera features such as point and shoot, 3x optimal zoom, and video.

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cant see out the kens to take a picture

My camera turns on and I can view the pictures already on it. The lens opens up but the screen is blank. So you can't take a picture. No info on it about a malfunction. Bought a new battery and it is fully charged.

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There may be an option in the cameras settings where you can switch it to manual ( looking through the lens ) or digital ( looking at the screen ). Even in digital picture mode, you can still look out through the lens I believe. I think it gives you the option weather or not you want the screen on. My old digital had the option of the screen being off. You'll just have to go through all the settings. I hope that's what it is and your cameras working correctly. I hope my answer helps.

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