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Can't access RAM slots

I see the levers that i'm supposed to pull open to release the RAM slots, but I can't get to or move them.

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You have to remove the L bracket to access to RAM levers. Here's how: MacBook Core 2 Duo RAM Replacement

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did that. Found the levers when I did that, but could not move them. This MacBookused to have a gloating battery. Could that have affected the hardware surrounding it?


Oops. Meant to say a "bloated battery." darn autocorrection.


Sounds like the old battery is gloating over the RAM. Those levers can require some pressure. But let me first ask before it gets destroyed, why do you want to pull the RAM? Here's how it's normally done: MacBook Core 2 Duo RAM Replacement


The page you reference says how it is supposed to work. It's not working in the way it's supposed to.


OK, IF YOU JUST HAVE TO PULL IT; remove the upper case, examine to see why it's not coming out (possible battery acid corrosion), take a pair of needle nosed pliers, grasp the bracket in the middle and slowly try to extract it. Please realize that you may destroy it, so I ask again, why are you doing this? Here how to get the upper case off: MacBook Core 2 Duo Upper Case Replacement


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There were yellow plastic tubes around the two levers, making them un-movable from the battery-slot side. But they could be budged from above once the keyboard layer was removed.

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