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HP’s 2-in-1 convertible laptop released in April 2015, identified by model number: 13-4003dx.

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Spectre x360 13-4103DX Laptop won't charge or turn on; any ideas?

I've already replaced the charging port to no avail. There does not appear to be any water damage.

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You obviously do not get a charge light or any response when plugging in the machine? It will be the mainboard that needs to be replaced.

Potentially the battery but I assume you have tried plugging in the Charger without the battery connected?

Try minimum config, which means unplug all removable components from mainboard (remove LCD cables, KB cable, KB backlight, wifi card if removable, battery etc.) and leave only charging port and if separate the power button ( some laptops have separate Pwr button board) and see if you get a response from charger. If you do add each component one by one until symptom returns. If still no response it will likely be a motherboard that needs to be replaced.

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This was a really helpful comment. I noticed that when I plug the BATTERY in, the charge lights go off. if I take out the battery, the computer turns on, but obviously complains that it's on AC power only. I've tried with two different batteries and changed the power port as well. Are there any other secret button combos to reset the board before I declare that the board as defective?


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Try this:

This website will take you through a series of questions to assist in troubleshooting your computer.

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Already tried that :(


The link takes you through a timewasting screen. It does not help in any way. I also see that when I try to vote 'NO' in answer to the above question, it tells me that it does not recognise my email address. Stifling comment and criticism? I think so!


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