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14 Megapixel camera. Has 12x Optical zoom, 48x Digital zoom, OIS, HD video with Stereo microphones and autofocus. Comes in Red or Black. This camera supports the following memory cards: SD/SDHC/SDXC/EyeFi (full support).

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How do I clean up stubborn battery contacts?

While my Canon SX150 is near the end of it's useful life due to the cost of replacement parts I need for it, I'm trying to extend it's remaining use as much as possible without purchasing new parts.

My camera has had issues with a cracked battery cover support tab (and cover) for years. That being said it has never failed me before, but even that's coming to an end. When I went to check the camera it flashed the batteries are low. I expect this condition with this problem, so ignored it. However, the camera is shutting off rather then perpetually flashing the low battery warning.

I checked my batteries (2500mAh NiMh RadioShack) and they are at 1.1V each. The batteries are fine best I can tell, so I think the problem is related to the battery contacts. The problem is I tried cleaning it with 70% IPA with more or less no effect. There is something built-up on the contacts, but it's not responding to standard rubbing alcohol. I need something stronger. Is there anything else I can use that will not damage the contacts? I'm going to take the contacts out of the camera for cleaning, so there's no concern about the electronics. The only thing I need to avoid is cleaners that are known to damage plastic, as this isn't ideal.

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Scraping them with a sharp metal like fine tweezers is what techs do maybe sand paper. Acetone/paint thinner on a q tip but don't melt the plastic with it.

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I find the eyeglass flathead on my Leatherman Micra works better for this, since I get more effective coverage around the positive terminal, which is where the plastic I had to get around is.

I used a combination of Brasso to start it and Goof Off to finish the job. I didn't use a lot of Goof Off since it contains acetone AFAIK, but it doesn't affect the battery contact plastic IF wiped off quickly. It's still happening so it's either caused by the cracked battery cover or plastic, but this effectively cleaned the terminals.


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