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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Phone not booting. DFU mode does not work

My Mac wont even show it in system profiler. HELP

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Does the phone show anything on the screen or is it just black?


Just black. Nothing on the screen.


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Have you already tried to hold your home and side buttons simultaniously for at least 10 seconds?

This way you can force restart your iPhone 6.

If this doesn't work you might want to take it to an Apple store as there are many possible failures in your iPhone.

Kind regards

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OMFG YOU ARE DUMB. I fixed this phone myself and we dont have apple stores in my counry. Why do you assume everyone have Apple Stores u peace of $@$*



Sorry to say but this site is here specifically so you DONT have to take devices to an Apple store, this is in particular because most devices apple will refuse to fix and instead try to sell you a new device.


There is no need to get agressive towards another user, this is supposed to be a helpful community.

However please enter your solution as an answer and mark it as the chosen solution.


Do you mind telling me how you've fixed your problem?

As I didn't have a specific description, I couldn't tell you for sure what your problem was exactly. That's why I recommended you to go to Apple.


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