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Internal SSD only recognized when booting externally.

Hey there,

i have a weird problem with a MBPr 15" Mid 2012. Lets call it MBPrA.

MBPrA has a broken SSD but boots normally from an external drive.

I removed the SSD from a non working model from the same year (MBPrB) and put it in MBPrA.

MBPrA doesn't boot and i get the ?-Folder sign.

When i boot MBPrA from external again the new internal SSD is recognised normally and i can browse files on it. The SSD definitely has a system on it.

I'm really really confused...

I also need to mention that the SSD is APFS formatted on High Sierra. MBPrA hasn't been upgraded in a while and might last have run on 10.11. Is it possible it didn't get a firmware upgrade that is needed for APFS?

Thanks in advance!

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The drive needs updating (newer APFS). Your systems is expecting the newer APFS file system from what it has in its NV-RAM setting from your other drive.

From your external bootable drive re-install the OS onto the older drive. That should fix it.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I'm not sure i understand. The SSD i want to use already has 10.13.4 installed on it. I can't do anything with the other SSD anymore, it isn't recognised properly when connected from an external case.

The MBPr i want to use is not recognising any APFS drives (also tried another MBPr in target disk mode) internally or externally when booting with the alt key.

It does however recognise them fine (internally and externally) when i boot from an external drive (non-APFS) which has 10.13.4 installed.

Sorry i know this probably all sounds a bit convoluted.


OK so I got it reversed! Same deal but the systems EFI firmware needs to be updated so that system can see the newer APFS drive.

When you re-install the OS the firmware of the system will be updated.


Ok i'll try that, thank you!


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