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Cannot boot in every possible mode

After restarting for installing the latest HighSierra security update my nightmare started!!

The MBP don't boot up correctly anymore, i tried all possible combinations, smc, nvram reset, a boot from a usb stick but same result: when i switch it on , i can see vertical pink stripes on display and after the status bar increase the display become grey. I then opened the back plane for a check to verify the status and suddenly one of the 8GB memory banks (the one on the upperslot) failed and caused the three beeps at startup then i removed it but same behavior! The area between the base of diplay and the top of the keyboard is unusually hot!. Can someone help me solving this issue? Thanks

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I would wait for the computer to cool down and try turning it on with one of the ram sticks installed in the working slot only. See if the problem persists from here and try using different ram if booting from one doesn't work.

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Dear Chris, thanks for your answer anyway, after trying mounting the original ram stick on the same slot the behavior is pretty much the same.

In first instance , without any keys combination the status bar almost complete then grey screen dimmed down,then restart several times.

I tried cmd+opt+p+r no result, then keep pressed shift button, then option and blue vertical stripes (instead of pink) appeared , selected to bootup from usb stick but no success.

Any other suggestion?




Have you tried booting into safe mode? Booting into safe mode will clear system cache from old data. This "old" data could be causing the MacBook to be confused. Doing this won't erase any personal data like pictures and documents, and it is similar to refreshing a slow web site.


Hi Chris, i tried this one too..i don't have any other ideas... I just plugged in a new hard drive but always same color: grey :-(


Try booting from verbose mode. This will display a terminal of what your computer is doing to try and start up. See if you can find anything that is abnormal in these lines. You enter by powering on and pressing ⌘+V. If this does't work try taking out the hard drive and booting with nothing in the MacBook.


Also have you upgraded the ram on this computer from it's stock configuration? I have heard that installing Mac OS without the stock ram could cause problems. Try reinstalling with the original ram.


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