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Model A1271 / 2 or 4 GB capacity

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How does the iPod shuffle 3rd gen Charge

I found my ipod shuffle a while back, and after charging it, i noticed that the LED did light up, but the Shuffle didn't charge up. So I replaced the battery. The ipod worked fine, although it was low on batter after I finished, since i hadn't charged it yet. Now the LED doesn't light up when I plug it in. I'm guessing I damaged something, or didn't reassemble it correctly. So I wanted to know which part of the board/which cables does the ipod charge through to know where the problem is.

Thanks in advance

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2 Antwoorden

It charges through the headphone jack, you can find them on eBay or amazon

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Sorrry, I may have been vague. I meant on the circuit board, where does the current go trough in order to charge the battery


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what is button status of Apple I Pod shuffle 3rd generation while charging ?

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