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Want to start microsoldering!

Hello everyone. I am 19, in college for Computer Support. However after repairing my own phone screen I realized a few months later that there was money to be made. Longtime story short I got a $800 credit line from PayPal, which I used on phones and tools. I managed to flip a decent amount of phones so far. I’d say the value of all the phones, cash, and tools/parts I have is about $1350 now after about 6 weeks. And any penny I make goes right back into phone repair! I learned a LOT in that time, and I feel pretty comfortable inside an iPhone. I feel comfortable doing just about any hardware replacement.

I absolutely love doing this and I’d love to turn this side business into a serious one eventually. I don’t think I could manage to make enough with normal hardware fixing, so Iv decided I need to learn microsoldering to have a chance at making it. In addition no repair shop around does micro work on iPhone boards. So it would give me a very big edge and no competition. I understand there’s a LOT to learn, I’m not saying I want a shop open next week or even year.

My question is for experienced micro solders. If you had to start over, with no tools and roughly $1200. How would you use it for tools? I understand that budget can easily be blow out if the water, but I don’t want to waste my time on a $150 “4in 1” station. So if you had $1200 (roughly, give or take a few hundred) what would you buy? Used is okay to me also! Definitely going to get a used microscope for sure.

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honestly i use an £80 hot air station, if you want a better 1 you could got for the quick 861dw or aoyue 852a++. soldering iron as long as you can use a fine tip and it keeps around the correct display temp possibly the hakko fx888d. i got a microscope on aliexpress for under £200 and bought a 0.5x lense for around £10-15 and i use it for phones, macbooks and ps4 hdmi repair

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Thanks for the reply! It seems I could get all the big tools for less than half my budget! I was thinking maybe the Hakko 951 for an iron, is it that big a difference compared to the fx888d that it’s worth an extra $150? Also what tips would you recommend for phones?

And do you happen to know what microscope it was? I found this one, I like how it’s digital since I have a MacBook Pro. And I think Amscope is a reputable brand?



that microscope is no good for phone repair. this is the 1 i use which you can get versions with a camera. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Binocula.... as for tips most components are a tight fit on the board so finer the tip the better


i also had the microscope within a week of ordering it china to the uk


Awesome thank you! What tools do you use for diagnosing where the issue on the board is? I know how to find schematics for around $80. But I know a multimeter, power source and freeze spray is one way to determine where a short might be. Is that what you use?


yea freeze spray, dc power supply and multimeter. if you get zxw it will give you boardview and schematics for iphone, ipad, samsung and other models


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