Why is the hot tub plug red hot?

Hired a hot tub today. Been plugged in for approx 6 hours in a socket in the garage. Just felt the plug and it's red hot. Very concerned as this is meant to stay plugged in all night to maintain the water temperature, but surely can't be normal? Not sure if the fault is with the plug, socket or appliance but not taking any chances. Have currently plugged it in in a different socket in my kitchen - 1 hour in its warm but not hot. Can't leave it plugged in there all night as woukd mean leaving a window open so think its going to have to be unplugged overnight unless anyone can reassure me it's safe?

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Thank you. Plugged into a kitchen socket currently


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Hi. Heating up water consumes a lot of power. However, a plug should not be hot to the touch for any household item, even if it's a major appliance. Power chords should be sized appropriately to the load placed on a circuit in a house. If your plug is hot to the touch, you should unplug the device immediately.

There is a chance that the load the hot tub is placing exceeds the current carrying capacity of the circuit in your garage. So the hot tub may require 30 amps, but the wiring in your garage may be only suitable for a 15a circuit. Thus, the wires in the wall in your garage are not able to carry sufficient current to the hot tub and are causing additional frictional heating of the copper wire in the wall. The wire in the wall is getting hotter than it should and it transfers this heat to anything connected to it, in this case the plug of your hot tub.

At this point, I would call an electrician for advice and or ask for an inspection of your setup.

Good luck.

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