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A 3G smartphone also known as the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S, or the Samsung I9008 Galaxy S in the Chinese market, released Spring 2010.

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Where have most of my pictures gone?

Today, when I clicked on "gallery", 95% of my pictures are gone. Whether I select Time or Album, they are nearly all gone. The only thing I have done lately (yesterday) is add a WiFi range extender (Netgear N300), but supposedly it has WPS security... I have a hostile neighbor, and the first I thought is that they may have gotten into my phone. Is that possible ???

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Hey, So the most likely reason for missing pictures is because

your phone has automatically uploaded them to a secure place

on the internet and deleted them off your phone to save up on

storage space. If you check for you photos in apps that should be

already on your phone that

do this like "Photos" (The google photos app)

Block Image

or "one drive" This is the most likely place they will be stored.

The chances that some one had hacked into your phone and

deleted all your photos is Very Unlikely as they wouldn't

gain anything from this and they if they wanted the photos

they wouldn't of deleted them as they wouldn't of wanted

you to realise.

Not trying to scare you or anything.

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Thanks for the response, but I was disturbed and amazed that about 20 of my pictures were on Google Drive, which I have NEVER even opened/clicked on. but nowhere near the 200 to 400 pics that were on my phone.... If I got hacked by the neighbor, it was purely for hatred, not that they would have any use for them.. we are talking motive... they are the worst nightmare I've ever had in my life... pure evil.. that's the only reason for my "deduction".... working on an Android restore by Dr.fone... but now it's hung up on a program called ADB.exe.. $@$*......


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