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Battery Not Recognised - Led Battery Indicator with only one led


A few days ago I managed to drop some water on the left side of my Macbook, it entered the USB / DisplayPort etc... It turned itself off immediately, I unplugged it from the charger turned it on it's left side to let the water out and it stayed like that for about 5 hours.

Later I took off the bottom cover, there was some moisture near the Battery connector but no major damage or corrosion anywhere. I cleaned everything I could and tried powering it on.

Laptop is working as it was before, the ports work but only powers on using the charger. Battery isn't detected at all, tried PRAM and SMC reset multiple times but no luck.

Battery was in good condition before showing 87% Health even after 1000 cycles. Weird thing is, the battery indicator on the side of the macbook has an led stuck on since then although the button doesn't work...

Coconut battery and System Info both say battery not available and Istat Pro too although this one also states my battery is charged.

Thanks in advance

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Carefully disconnect the battery tester ribbon cable and see if CoconutBattery is able to read the batteries status if not your SMC logo is damaged on the logic board. I suspect you didn't pull the logic board fully out so the underside got the worse of the water.

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Can I power on the laptop without the battery tester being plugged in? No, I haven't fully pulled out the logic board, but it wasn't that much quantity of water.


Confused?? 'Can' means it worked?? So you can now see the battery within CoconutBattery?


No, "can" as in would the computer boot up as normal without that plugged in lol... ...But it worked wonders! Battery present, working and charging as normal! So i take it it's the battery tester module thats not working properly, right?


Doubly confused now... No is Yes??

Didn't doubt if the system would run, if that was your meaning of No. Only interested if CoconutBattery could now see the battery correctly which I think is yes!

If that is true, the disconnected battery tester allowed you to now see the battery within CoconutBattery so then the battery tester will need to be replaced.


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